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August 26, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

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I'm donating my hair to locks of love.

I'm donating my hair to locks of love.

Well to be more precise hair today gone today. My physiotherapist suggested I cut some of my way to long hair off. I decided that if I’m going to do that, why not cut enough off to donate to a locks of love type organization 🙂 I’m not really going to use it and someone who needs it can make much better use of it. They needed 10″ and I had that to spare. I think this is a very good cause that basically cost nothings. In some places you aren’t even charged for the haircut. Most of these organizations take the donated hair and make wigs for children who may have lost theirs due to cancer treatments or other diseases.

This is something that grows on its own and as long as you haven’t bleached it you can donate it (though some don’t accept any treatment check to make sure you find one that will accept minimal treatment). Just make sure to braid or tie it, otherwise it’s unusable. While I was at the hairdressers a woman decided on the spot to do the same. She was cutting her hair because of headaches, not to mention having a young child which for some is a great reason to cut it off. Those 10″ only took me 2 years to grow, and in two years from now it could be that long again if I wanted. My cousin who had hair down to the small of her back also did this when she cut her hair. She’s a young mother of 3 and a teacher so the shorter length made sense to her and donating it seemed like the only thing to do. I have to say I envy anyone who got a wig made from her hair. Mine is fairly fine but hers is good and thick 🙂

I recommend this to anyone who has long hair. Even if you only do it once in your life, you’re making a big difference in the life of a child. Men, women and children can all donate their hair and since it grows and grows there really isn’t an excuse to not send that hair to someone who doesn’t have that opportunity. Even better if you pair that up with a cancer fund raising drive where you have people donate money for you to have it cut or even shaved. You can raise awareness for the disease and for locks of love type groups.

after cut and all dry


August 25, 2009

Ai gotz awn teh loldogs frunt paeg!

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I has a happitayle for gettins mai caption awn teh frunt paeg. Iz nawt mai pikture tho so othx tu Guitaraddict fur teh pikture

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August 13, 2009

New tiny kitteh spritz crosses teh bridge

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(inspired bah tis pic and Prisma Kitteh’s kitteh and mai kittehz ober teh bridge)

*liddle floofy kitteh bouncebouncez ober teh bridge tu be met bai tu kittehz who beh notizin herz bein sew yung an tiny. Wun iz tuxido kitteh Alex an teh uder iz black kitteh wif wite spot awn chezt Ralph*

Alex kitteh: *sniff teh tiny kitteh an tiltz himz head* Ralph, doez yu smellz sumfin different bout dis tiny yung kitteh?

Ralph kitteh: *sniff* hmmm ai do smellz sumfin different *sniffsniff* iz faint smellz but iz bein lawtz uv tem awl togeder.

Alex kitteh: *sniffz teh bouncy bouncy tiny kitteh againz* iz bery strange izint it, iz like many many hooman peppz awl mixeded togeder coverin teh tiny kitteh gurl.

Ralph kitteh: yesh aifinkso butz how cud such yung tinytiny kitteh meetz sew many hooman pepolz, iz sew bery bery yung to habs trabled taht far?

Alex kitteh: *putz paw un little bouncy kitteh so himz can taek lawg sniff* ahh ai tink ai getz it neow, taek lawg sniffz Ralph.

Ralph kitteh: *taekz lawg sniffz uv teh floofy kitteh* hmm wut iz taht, iz amost electrikal smellz…iz awlmost liek teh telemifone smellz.

Alex kitteh: close Ralph, ai tinks ai understandz dis… dis kitteh habz intertubz smellz *liftz paw tu letz teh kitteh bouncebounce againz* dis iz bein bery specialz tiny kitteh aifinkso. hur habs much luvz from teh wurld awlober frumz teh intertubz, iz why hur kitteh spurrit iz sew bery bright. Shez geddin many many beemz frum awl kinz uv peoplz awl ober teh earf.

Ralph kitteh: Yesh iz bery specialz… *turn tu teh oder kittehz* Wee habz tu be taekn xtra care wif dis tiny floofy kitteh. Hurz sew bery bery yung tu beh crozzin teh bridge, butz habz sew much luv wif hur. *kittehz awl nodz wif agweement* Hur habin many many hartz wif hur an ai tink hur be meetinz many many hoomanz wehn teh finallyz cumz heer tu the bridge. Hur will beh meetinz dem tu tank them fur awl hur briteness yesh, aifinkso! *awl teh kittehz purrz an nawdz in agweement*

Alex kitteh: Yesh, hur meetz dem awl ai fink tu be sayin tankz fur teh beemz and teh hartz. Wif awl taht luvz hur beh growin sew bery strongz heer, hur becum bery beautifulz an sleek an happi wif teh big hartz frum awl teh luv and beemz.

Ralph kitteh: *watchin teh tiny floffy kitteh bouncebounce after teh rainbow budderfliez* We will watch ober hurz an hur growin strongz heer wif uz, ai tink teh hoomanz will beh surprized wehn teh seez hur. *tiny floofy kitteh pouncepouncez awn a flower* iz beinz nice tu grow strongz heer an bein ablez tu stay kitteh at teh saem timez dun yu tink Alex?

Alex kitteh: yesh an wif awl toez beamz hur be brite az teh moon an starz, yesh aifinkso, awl teh luv be makin hur sew bery brite indeedz.

*Alex kitteh and Ralphs kitteh lukz at teh little floofy kitteh wif lutz uv purrz an smilez az tehy watch teh brite angel kitteh playinz wif teh uder kittehz. Tey canz cee hurz growinz strong and britez wif awl teh beemz frum teh erf suroundinz hur. Hur payn iz awl furgotten, hur sadnezz iz awl gon, ony teh luv uv teh peplz who tuk such gud carez uv her remainz an mixez wif teh beamz uv many uderz makin hur kitteh spritz glow wif much britnezz and warmf. Hur luks at teh Alex and Ralph kittehz wif a tiny mew befor hur joinz awl the uder kittehz tu play an tu bounce an tu hapz awl teh fun while hur waitz fur teh hoomanz who senz hur teh luv an beemz tu finz hur sumdai far off in teh diztant futurez*

August 7, 2009

Goin Drinkin Wif Teh Basement Cat?

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August 5, 2009

My Sisters Old Cat

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My Sister had one amazing cat. They called him Nugget (new get) and he had some Siamese blood in him from what I was told. He wasn’t the most friendly cat to non family members but he could jump from the floor to the top of my Mothers cupboards in just one jump (about a foot and a half taller them most refrigerators). He played fetch with his toy mice just like a dog. He also liked it when my BIL would hold on to the center of his back so his feet were in the air and he would arch his back and stretch (kinda like this cat but arched even more), he was very flexable. Unfortunately he is now over the bridge…he got out one day and was hit by a passing car. He went over the bridge at far to young an age and my Sister and our family were devastated to say the least but none of us will ever forget the special cat he was and the amazing things he could do.

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